Company Overview


Phosphate Resources Limited (PRL) trading as Christmas Island Phosphates is a leading producer of phosphate rock in the South East Asian region.  

The Company's key asset is a 100%-owned phosphate rock mine on Christmas Island, where it has mined and exported phosphate since 1990, and exports approximately 700,000 tonnes of phosphate product each year to Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Christmas Island is a unique Australian based territory located in the Indian Ocean, 2,600km northwest of Perth (Australia) and 380km south of Jakarta (Indonesia).  Christmas Island is world renowned for its spectacular red crabs and rain forest, with a host of unique plants and animals. 

Phosphate mining commenced on Christmas Island over one hundred years ago and PRL forms the modern day part of the deep mining heritage on the Island. The economic foundations of the Island have been built on phosphate mining and that situation remains the same today with PRL being the largest commercial employer in the region. The Company maintains a strong sense of corporate responsibility both in its community commitments and environmental responsibilities. 

PRL was founded in 1990 by the workforce of the previous mining company and commenced operations the following year after convincing the Australian Government to allow the mine to be reopened.   Many of those involved back then are still present in the company today as employees and shareholders. 

Although PRL is a company with a deep heritage and tradition, it has evolved over time to meet the needs of the changing global economy. The Company seeks to ensure its operations and subsidiaries are managed and operated to the highest standard with a strong focus on continuous improvement.