Subsidiary Companies

PRL's wholly owned subsidiaries provide a range of services within the Indian Ocean Territories including earthmoving, fuel pilotage, maintenance and stevedoring services. The subsidiaries make up a part of the long term sustainability plan for the Indian Ocean Territories beyond the life of the Mine operation. PRL will continue to identify business opportunities within the region and develop subsidiaries that will add to the financial strength of the Company and provide benefits to Christmas Island and its workforce through employment options and skills development. 

In 2011, the Company acquired a producing palm oil plantation and mill in Malaysia as a diversification investment.

Cheekah-Kemayan Plantations Sdn Bhd (CK Plantations)

CK Plantations comprises of a 4,060 acres palm oil estate with a 50 tonne per hour mill. The mill crushes at present some 180,000 tonnes of fruit per annum from the estate and surrounding estates.

The mill and estate is operated on behalf of the Company by contract managers from the Prosper Group. Some 200 employees work full time in the mill and on the estate for the management company.

C.I. Maintenance Services (CIMS) Pty Ltd

CIMS offers both facility management and a range of integrated maintenance services.
The primary contract for CIMS is with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship providing services to its extensive property portfolio on Christmas Island. CIMS provide cleaning, grounds maintenance, air handling services, electrical and full Preventive Maintenance Services inclusive of planning, legislative compliance and software support. During the course of the contract CIMS have also undertaken several medium to large projects with excellent outcomes.

The service delivery model CIMS operates under has been extensively developed to suit the needs of its principal client. It provides a well-documented system focused on continuous improvement.

CIMS contact

Shawn Eng
CIMS Manager

Indian Ocean Oil Company Pty Ltd (IOOC)

The IOOC subsidiary is a supplier of fuel, recycled oil for the burning process and diesel fuel for the mining operation and has a contract with the Commonwealth to provide diesel for the local power station and diesel bunkers for Navy and other Commonwealth vessels. IOOC also provides wholesale diesel for other contractors on the Island.

IOOC contact

Leigh Wilson
IOOC Manager

Indian Ocean Stevedores Pty Ltd

Indian Ocean Stevedores provides Pilotage, Agency, Survey and Consulting services to vessels calling at Christmas Island and is a fully owned subsidiary of Christmas Island Phosphates.

The core elements of IOS service is local knowledge, detailed port and port facility information with a focus on building sound and professional relationships with the regulatory authorities.

A reliable shipping service is critical to the islands economic and service stability, without it all Indian Ocean stakeholders and service providers would be unable to function.

IOS contact

Capt. Mike Fawke